How to make money on Bitcoins in 2017

It’s not too late to invest in bitcoins? how to make money on bitcoins? ? To these and other questions I promised to answer a detailed review you are now reading. So, to begin with, what is bitcoin (bitcoin)? This issue was most common among readers. Bitcoin (bitcoin) — what is it? Literally, the bitcoin (bitcoin) — “bit” as unit of information, the “coin” coin. In fact, bitcoin (official abbr. BTC) is an electronic payment system ( currency), not having a single point of reference, so the system does not have a single owner. We can say that the chops belong to those who use them. By the way, most of bitcoin is called a cue ball. The electronic cryptocurrency bitcoin was created in 2009 (development began in 2007), a programmer or team of programmers with the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto (apparently the Japanese name). In 2009, Satoshi released the source code of the system and this event can be called the electronic payment system. At the moment there are more than 10 e-currencies with similar mechanism, are still referred to as a fork (the answer). I will list the most promising forks, in terms of earnings and investment: LiteCoin ( LTC rate now varies in the range of 25-40$); Namecoin (NMC rate now varies in the range of 5-10$); PPcoinn (now the PPC rate varies in the range of 3-5$). Cost and sustainability courses all available cryptocurrencies depends directly on bitcoin, so in this article I will only talk about the chops. Bitcoin (bitcoin) for dummies The yield on my investment in 2017 is about 30% APR, see latest news of my attachments in the weekly reports . I recommend every reader go through the training course the lazy investor. First week absolutely free. Read more In order to fully understand what bitcoin will list the main differences of bitcoin from conventional money: Bitcoins unsecured BTC debt is not (as conventional money), and in fact nothing material not provided. The price of bitcoin depends on supply and demand, i.e. how much currency to the right people. You can draw a parallel with gold, the price of which directly depends on demand. If gold, at some point there will be no need, then the price will collapse, however, to complete zero price will not fall, because it’s still metal and it is possible to do something. Of bitcoin in the case of lack of demand to do nothing, so the price could theoretically drop down to zero. There is no single center As I said above, all the data of the payment system is stored in the clear code on the media system users. There is no system controller (e.g., Central Bank) who could affect the price of currency, number of issue of new units and other factors. A limited amount of currency The source system is programmed so that initially the maximum number of coins (21 million coins). Programmed not only the maximum number, but also the dynamics of the issue (the issue of new coins), which is currently 25 coins every 10 minutes. Coins are distributed among the so-called miners, which I will discuss later. Every 4 years, the emission is reduced by half. Thus, the payment system has a deflationary structure, which contributes to the continuous growth rates on the cue ball. Here is the schedule of emission growth of bitcoins, according to which the issue will end in 2033, although it seems to me, that moment comes sooner. If we assume that governments of major countries will not prohibit bitcoin, based on a deflationary model, the rate will only grow. When the total amount of 21 000 000 coins, coins technically can share to the eighth decimal place, so the end of the issue does not mean the end of development of the payment system. No transaction fees As the system has no owner, therefore, and to pay a fee for the transfers between the wallets not one. In the system there is the opportunity to pay a voluntary fee for faster transactions. Complete anonymity of bitcoins Despite the fact that the system is open source, and anyone can trace any transaction with btc, the system of the wallets are completely anonymous. Any user of the system can have an unlimited number of wallets on your computer, they will have very different numbers. To find out who owns a specific wallet, only from the owner. The wallet number is a line long, about 34 characters (letters and numbers). The wallet can be stored on your computer, portable media or online service. The main disadvantages of bitcoins Since there is no single centre, and no way to cancel the operation with bitcoin. The complexity of using For most people, far from the Internet technologies of electronic system of bitcoins is too complex and confusing, it hinders the spread of error to the masses. The risk of becoming the prohibition of currency Now, when all governments seek total control over their citizens, any anonymous money are doomed to a ban. Sooner or later this account will suffer Bitcoins. The reason for the closure is already there, in the Internet there are several shops, which openly sell weapons and drugs with bitcoin. After the ban now, most likely the rate will fall much, but the development system on this will not stop, just chops will go underground, where they will also be popular among users who value anonymity. Earnings in bitcoin (bitcoin) There are only two ways how can you earn bitcoins: Earnings on bitcoin mining Mining (mining — mineral extraction) — extraction of virtual currency bitcoin due to the computing power of the computer. This process is needed to ensure the life of the network, the miners (miners of virtual currency) provide anonymity, security and speed of transactions in the bitcoin system. Earnings for miners is a new coin (25 coins every 10 minutes), which are distributed among the miners. Currently, the payments in the bitcoin system is so complex that the use of conventional computer for mining will bring only losses (electricity, depreciation, etc.). In order to combine the processing power of the miners together in the pools, the profit is divided in proportion to the volume of calculations. Now hashing is most advantageous to use special devices asik, which were created specifically for mining and nothing but do not know how. As a man from the anatomy of the computer configurations will not go into the details of this way of earning bitcoins. Maybe later I’ll write an article on mining. Earnings on trading bitcoin This method can be divided into two: passive investing in bitcoin and active speculating on the course. The first method is a trivial buy bitcoins and preserving them under the mattress, in the hope that in a few years they will cost ten times more than now. By the way, recently read an article by a senior analyst at Bank of America, which conducted a study and utverzhaet that the price now will only grow low to the level of$ 300 (current price for 1 BTC=2500$). The second method of earning on trading bitcoin involves active trading / speculating on the bitcoin exchange rate. For these purposes, you can use this service ( official website ). The service features an intuitive interface, you can set a stop loss and take profit, copy successful managers who trade cryptocurrencies. Have the opportunity to try to trade on demo account without investment. This option is very similar to trading currencies in the Forex market, by the way, on the stock exchange BTC-E. nz you can even trade using the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. That is, earnings on the bitcoin trading is the most profitable for private investors because it does not require large investments. To invest you can start with 100$. Now let’s see where you can take\buy bitcoins. Where to get bitcoins? The answer to the question — Where to get bitcoins, depends on which variant of earnings on the trade you choose. For lazy investors who want to safely invest in bitcoins for the long term will approach the option exchange. To start you will need to create a wallet. Lately I keep hearing about the hacks of bitcoin wallets, so I recommend to keep the purse just for the independent storage device, so you will be able to best protect your bitcoins. In order to create a wallet you need to download the client program MultiBit on your computer with . If you have experience in Forex trading and have time to spare, you can try to trade bitcoins on the stock exchange I want to warn about the potential for a Scam exchange. Legally, the activities of the exchange does not feature in the contacts section in General there is no information you can only send a request. So, it is not advised to keep on the stock exchange a large amount of money. And while the exchange is the largest in the USA segment, profit better output and buy real bitcoins in exchange. In principle, deduce the change in your purse can be from the exchange itself, but it can be done not always, as a reserve of bitcoins from the exchange is significantly limited. Well, perhaps all you need to know in order to start making money on bitcoin. If missed something, please ask in the comments. And while to secure the material, I recommend to look quite interesting seminar on the bitcoin system. All the profit!

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