Can you mine bitcoin cash on hashflare?

As technologies are going ahead, the life of people continue to change. New cybera era brings us a lot of interesting, weird, sometimes dangeroes things that influence our life. One of the most influential things of a last decade becomes digital money or cryptocurrency. They made a furore in the economic world, as they present totally new type of money.

There are a lot of ways to get digital money without paying for a special soft. The idea here is to pay for a mining process to the others and they return you a certain percentage. It sounds not very trustworthy. Well, there are a lot of cloud mining companies, but most of them are used to be a scamplace. There are not so many organizations that that provide the real service. Hashflare is one of such real companies. It is a renown cloud mining company, who has made a great reputation for a few years of working. The project has the same developers that made hashcoins. They started to work only in 2015, however, it has big client’s base for today. Its services include bitcoin cloud mining.

To obtain bitcoins you should create an account and choose the conditions of co-owrking you like. Notice, that not so long ago the company has changed conditions of their contracts. Now the only available period for the agreement is a one year, so you can’t make a contract for a five or a lifetime contract.

To be honest, Hashflare has five different contracts, but only two of them are about bitcoins. You can mine the bitcoin with an SHA-256 contract of with the Scrypt. To check your profit you need to check the expenses first. Contracts for hashflare bitcoin demand a small fee for a maintenance. The income will include daily payouts that depend on the hashrate.

Hashflare provides you with next features:

– 5 different contracts. Click the icon of the single contract to get more information. You will find them under the tab “prices” bottom the page;

– daily income. If you need more detailed iformation about the profit it brings, you need to use a digital currency calculator. You can find it at cryptocompare, but notice, that cryptocompare needs javascript to work in a proper way;

– hashflare gives you an opportunity to choose a mining pool you want. You can select settings from your account page;

– you are provided with all statistics, which you can check at any time you want.

The hashflare service is definitely is worth using as it is one of the most safety methods. You can also find a lot of reviews on the other sides as well as on the bitcoin wiki, which is a very reliable source.

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