Hashflare bitcoin cloud mining calculator

This new type of money became very popular during the last decade. It grants a lot of opportunities as for keeping the money as well as for the earning. The most renown of all cyber currencies is bitcoin, that was made in 2009. Nowadays it remains one of the most economic perspectives in the world as this type of money is almost totally independent of any kind of a state.

The Hashflare is a trustworthy cloud mining service. Since the beginning, it customers’ amount were more than 10000 clients as they offer you an opportunity to earn cyber currency without spending a lot of money on the soft that is required for mining. The company starts their activity in 2015 and it works till know. The company offers you 5 types of contracts.

1. The bitcoin mining, using SHA-256 algorithm miner.

2. The same cryptocurrency, but another algorithm – Scrypt.

3. Ethereum – for ETHASH

4. DASH – for X11

5. Zcash – for EQUIHASH.

The offers that the Hashflare company made have a term of one year only. Hashflare offers a unique feature to change a mining pool You can select settings from your account window. Your income depends on cloud mining hashrate you are using. Contracts have maintenance fee which is 0,0035$/ 1 MH/s / 24h for SHA-256 algorithm and 0,005/ 10 GH/s / 24h for Scrypt algorithm. This fee doesn’t spread on Ethereum, Dash and Zcash contracts as they are free from the fee. The income consists of daily payments that the company makes to you. They depend on the hashrate. To calculate your income you need to count your expenses and use the cryptocurrency calculator. Each currency has its own calculator.

To make money via the Hashflare is very easy. Everything you need is Hashflare address bar click, sign up and start your work. Notice, that this activity is done under the privacy policy, which means that information would be confidential.

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