How to deposit bitcoin into Hashflare and withdraw it?

Hashflare cloud mining is the most renown companies of its kind. Despite that such kind of service is pretty popular, the most of similar companies turn to be scam places, though the hashlare has already made a reputation as a trustworthy place. The company was established only a few years ago, but you can find a lot of reviews on the other sites that will prove, that this service isn’t a scam.

It is possible to work with service using the real and digital currencies. Let me explain fast how to use BTC for mining with the Hashflare.

At the beginning, you need to create your hashflare account. As you register you will be able to open the tab “Settings”, where you will see a special field for BTC wallet. To make all operations with BTC you must write down your wallet and click the button “Save”. After you finish this, open the tab “Buy Hashrate” and set the hashpower. This is the place where you can select the contract for mining with hashflare. There are four available contracts: SHA-256, Scrypt, ETHASH and X11. After you set all the options of the contract, you can use the promo, if you have it. Promo codes give you small bonuses that will save or earn you more money. At the same window, you need to click the button “Select payment method” and you will see te option to continue using the BTC.

To withdraw the bitcoin is pretty easy, however, there are some restrictions as to this process you need to know. It is very important to mention, that you can’t make more withdrawals than one per 24 hours. If you decided to do that you need to make next steps. You will need to find the “Dashboard” tab into your user panel. This is the window where you can start the withdrawal process. There is a button with the same name of the process. After you click you should Select the number of funds you want to transfer and click the same button one more time. And the last step will be left. Open your email and check the letter from the hashflare. As you verify the operation, it will be done.

Take into the account, that during withdrawal process you will have to pay a fee. Minimal allowed bitcoin amount for withdrawal is 0.0107 BTC, while the fee will be 0.0007 BTC.

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